Your Studio and Elvis work on Sailor Jerry pop-up venue

Rum brand Sailor Jerry is opening a new London venue this week, with interiors designed by Your Studio and marketing consultancy Elvis.

Hotel Street logo
Hotel Street logo

The venue will be located on Charing Cross Road, run by Sailor Jerry and Elvis for three months. It is named Hotel Street after the Hawaiian Honolulu red-light district where tattooist Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins worked.

It will comprise a gallery, bar, live music venue and store selling Sailor Jerry merchandise. This is the first Sailor Jerry branded space in the UK, though the brand has previously launched US stores.

Your Studio was briefed to create a space ‘with the overall feel of something original and engaging that evoked the feeling of the Sailor Jerry brand’, according to the consultancy. It is working with Elvis, which is creating the messaging for the space.

It has worked across all the spaces, including the merchandise space, coffee and drinks bar, gallery space and live music area.

Hotel Street’s gallery will initially exhibit works by tattooist Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins in a show curated by Amsterdam Tattoo Museum founder and tattooist Henk Schiffmacher.

Hotel Street opens on 20 April for three months.

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