Yves Behar unveils tablet design for One Laptop per Child scheme.

Yves Behar is debuting a tablet designed for children in the developing world this week as his work with the One Laptop per Child organisation continues.


The chief designer for the non-profit organisation is revealing the XO-3 tablet at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The tablet shares the same design principles at its predecessor, Behar’s XO-laptop, which was sold to governments, issued to schools and was ultimately distributed to 2.4 million children in 25 countries.

The XO-3 is cheap to produce and has a solar panel as well as an internal battery. It is designed to be easy to hold and hard to break, with rubber protection and anti-scratch textures. It has a rear-facing camera as well as connectors, a power switch and speakers on the front bottom edge for ease of use.


One Laptop per Child hopes that supplying children with low cost educational tools, like the XO-3 tablet and the XO laptop, will help them gain ‘new channels of learning, sharing and self expression’.

Behar says, ‘Our approach has been to minimise complexity, while delivering a high quality, and a heightened touch feel. There is a playfulness in the way one can adapt the cover to different needs, while each design detail and material is chosen to deliver maximum value.’

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