Cadbury rolls out new look for its hot drinks

Bulletproof has revamped the packaging for Cadbury’s hot drink range.

New packaging
New packaging

Cadbury’s hot drink range includes instant hot chocolate and drinking chocolate as well as the Highlights range. Bulletproof says it wanted to create a more recognisable product that does justice to the reputation of Cadbury.

The redesign follows a new look for Cadbury Dairy Milk, which was created by Pearlfisher.

The new designs retain the distinctive purple that is so strongly linked with Cadbury but eschew the chocolate imagery which dominated the old packaging.

Previous packaging
Previous packaging

Cadbury was recently defeated in a legal battle in which it attempted to secure exclusive rights to use the Pantone 2685c purple.

Instead, Bulletproof has opted for a less cluttered, more stylish approach. New, fonts have been used to allow the product to communicate more clearly on the shelves and the team has opted for a more prominent logo to capitalise on the iconic status of the chocolate company.

Bulletproof says it feels that the hot beverage range now has a brand aesthetic on a par with Cadbury’s other iconic products.

With the Highlights range Bulletproof aimed to clearly define the separate drinks while leaving the range open for extension. The packaging now features labels from the chocolate bars that flavour the drinks and coloured lids corresponding to the different flavours.

The new Highlights range packaging
The new Highlights range packaging

Bulletproof has previously worked with Cadbury on projects including designing bold packaging for its Marvellous Creations sub-brand and bitesize range.

Bulletproof says, ‘We feel that not only have we created a beautiful design with incredible shelf presence and confidence, but we’ve also revived an icon that will be around for generations to come.’

The design team won the pitch in December 2012 and has been working on the packaging with Cadbury since then. The new designs will be introduced in January.

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  • Violet Blaze November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I’ve always loved Cadbury’s packaging. And if it’s one thing I love the most it’s the font.. As well as their trademark colour. It will ALWAYS be known as Cadbury’s purple, whether they lost a battle or not. I really like these new designs, much cleaner. 🙂

  • C G November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    The weakest design I’ve seen for a Cadburys product – poor type & copy and can’t believe how the Highlights range looks soo cluttered given the content.

    Would have been nice if the packaging worked in tandem with the Dairy Milk range creating a warm, cosy family feel which is what the Cadbury brand represents… 🙁

  • Alma Iraldy Vivas Terrones November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    These designs are marvellous, very impactful and elegant. The typographic arrangement of the ‘C’ works very well. It works as an icon, thus very easy to remember and position on the customers minds.
    Good work!

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