Jessica Eaton – Ad Infinitum

Canadian artist Jessica Eaton’s first UK exhibition, Ad Infinitum, opens at The Hospital Club Gallery 24 January 2014.

The exhibition includes pieces from Eaton’s series entitled Cubes for Albers and LeWitt. The series, as the name suggests, is an homage to two influential abstract painters who devoted large portions of their artistic careers to experimenting with colour.

The eponymous cubes of Eaton’s series are both the canvas and the subject of Eaton’s work. Although the photographs on display show cubes completed with vibrant geometric shapes they are, in reality, painted in monochrome.

Eaton uses a sophisticated mixture of lenses and exposure techniques to colour the cubes in-camera, subverting the act of photography so that the process of taking the picture creates a radically different image rather than capturing the existing one.

As well as the overt references made in the title of her series to LeWitt and Albers, Eaton’s work also has ties to Bridget Riley’s Op-Art. Both use geometric abstraction to raise questions about human perception and its relationship to art.

One of the pieces from Eaton’s series, cfaal 312, will be on display at The Photographers Gallery as part of its Touchstone programme.

The Touchstone programme displays one image alone on one of the gallery’s floors for three months. The emphasis given to the image by its privileged position is intended to compel visitors to develop a fully formed response. Gallery attendees are then encouraged to respond to the piece in writing on cards provided by the gallery.

Ad Infinitum runs from 24 January – 8 February 2014 at The Hospital Club Gallery, 24 Endell Street London WC2H.

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