What colour would you use to sum up 2013?


‘Pantone 372, a fresh, delicately perky little green. This sums up to me the first visible first shoots of an economic upturn, and the exciting potential that may lie in this tender new growth. While it’s been an incredibly tough year for many, it’s also been a year that looks like it could hold the beginnings of something great…’

Bronwen Edwards, creative director, Brandhouse


‘Personally, it’s light green/blue 7464.  We painted our new house throughout with this – the perfect antidote for the stress of the actual move! Professionally, though, 2013’s colour has to be orange 1585, from the opposite side of the colour spectrum. It’s such a positive, warm colour, reflecting the feeling of optimism and growth for our business and the overall economy.  Used as an accent, it just can’t help exuding excitement and confidence – don’t go too crazy with it though, or you’ll end up turning Towie!’

Dan Bramham, senior designer, Greenwich Design


‘My Pantone colour for 2013 was most definitely PMS 7501. Why a dull yellowy grey I hear you ask? Well, my year has been formed by a move from the big smoke to the gentler surroundings of the historic city of Bath. So every day I wake up to a city built from PMS 7501 (otherwise known as Bath stone) – I’ve never experienced a city where one colour is quite so dominant. And I love it.’

Jamie Ellul, creative director, Supple Studio


‘Pantone is very clever with its marketing strategy, but I do not care much for the “Colour of the Year” hype. I am a natural “if everyone will be using Radiant Orchid, I’ll choose something else” type of character. Anyway, if I had to sum up 2013, it would either be in Black & White (not that it’s a colour) or in Yellow. Black, because it’s been the year I have ventured back to my roots in graphic design and have been teaching it from the bottom up; which ultimately has begun raw without colour. Yellow, however, is the colour I would associate with my work this year – surrounded by Nyan Cats and Sunshine Beats!’

Jenny Theolin, founder, Soapbox & Sons


‘What a year 2013 has been, with the birth of a future king, terrible natural disasters, epic art sales, as well as the recent death of Nelson Mandela. But to pick the colour of 2013? For me it is certainly digital gold, the colour of the Bitcoin. Who could have ever possibly imagined, with its alleged early association with the less than ethical side of online activities, Bitcoin could grow to what is now. It has a real, useable (nearly understandable) economic value, and if its good enough for Sir Richard Branson…’

Nick Hard, co-founder, Planning Unit


‘It’s been a year of twists and turns, ups and downs and a couple of loop the loops; so I’ll go for rollercoaster red. I enjoyed the ride; there were definitely more ups than downs. But I’ve heard there’s this other one: it starts off gently, and then rockets you into space, so I might jump on that in 2014. I’ve no idea what colour it will be up there, but I very much hope it’s not Radiant Orchid.’

Marc Atkinson, co-founder Marc & Anna

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