What should you buy a designer for Christmas?

The countdown until the big day is well underway. What present would you buy a designer for Christmas?

Nicolas Roope

‘I’m married to a designer (Violetta Boxill-Roope) so I could just tell you what I’ve got for her? But she’s probably reading this and I don’t want to spoil the surprise! But generally speaking, I would say that designers sometimes have a tendency to live in a bit of a bubble so something very real and grounding is always a good seasonal antidote. A big pie, a spade, some rope or something like that tends to do the trick – if not raise a steel-rimmed bespectacled eyebrow or two.’

Nicolas Roope, co-founder, Poke

Felt Mistress

‘I would buy a designer a Zolo sculptural playset. I have a plastic version that I bought a fair few years ago but as a gift I would buy Zolo 5, the luxury limited-edition wooden version (I think the first version was wooden in 1986). So much fun and with a weird ’80s/amoeba/bacterial aesthetic and good for curing creative blocks. Also if anyone reading this wants to buy me a present I’d really like one too.’

Louise Evans, aka FeltMistress

Sarah Hyndman

‘I would suggest arranging a day out of creative refueling. If you’re in London you could book them an appointment with the librarian to look through the amazing Victorian print samples stored in the archives of the St Bride Library. Or a Ghostsigns tour to see graphic design that has survived out in the streets and reflects changes in society, and end at God’s Own Junkyard, which reopens at the weekend—who can resist a bit of neon?’

Sarah Hyndman, creative director, With Relish

Matt Utber

‘Don’t be a Grinch, the best thing to give a hard-working designer for Christmas is a holiday. We close between Christmas and New Year and we always encourage everyone to slob out, eat chocolates and drink too much. Watch bad TV (although we hear Elf is now only on Sky, boo hoo), and only ever leave the house if you’re going to the pub. Give everyone you meet a hug and a glass of mulled wine and just forget about work.’

Matt Utber, founder, The Plant

Jason Flynn

‘If it was possible to wrap up your friends then that would be that. In my opinion I think it’s invaluable to surround yourself with friends and colleagues that inspire you, that you can talk about your work to and trust to get an honest opinion from.’

Jason Flynn, designer, Ahoy

Gordon Reid aka MiddleBoop

‘Well if my mum’s reading this I’ll have some KRK Rokit studio monitors. But for the designer in general, I think the best present has to be the gift of a great client, who’s willing to give you total creative freedom, with a decent budget and timeframe. Lord knows how Santa will fit that down the studio’s chimney but I think surely every designer would want that to sink their teeth into over a set of Pantone baubles (they do exist), fixed gear bike or vinyl toy?’

Gordon Reid, aka MiddleBoop, illustrator

Mike Reed

‘I have exactly this problem right now. I’m one of a small, devoted group on Path – the charming limited-number social network. We’re currently in the midst of ‘Path Secret Santa 2013’, and I have to buy something for a designer I hardly know. Tricky. I’ve thought about running down the road to Magma, or diving into the cute craftiness on Etsy, but it all seems a bit obvious. Maybe she’d like a break from the usual ‘design’ stuff. I turn to words, of course – the natural complement to design. Maybe a slim volume of poems. Like good design, poetry gets quickly to heart of things. It resists waste, and glories in clear white spaces. And as a writer, I’d be delighted to get something refreshingly un-‘writery’. I’m hoping it works the other way around.’

Mike Reed, copywriter, Reed Words

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