A GIF novel from Wild Beasts and Mattis Dovier

Band Wild Beasts have collaborated with Parisian illustrator Mattis Dovier to create a “GIF-novel” – a story created by the artist that is soundtracked by the band.

The novel tells two stories concurrently – the first of a human experiencing a robot world and the second of a robot in an organic world.

It is hosted on the Jameson Works website (the project is funded by the whiskey brand) and the viewer can flip between the two parallel stories as they choose.

While Dovier created the visuals – which he says are inspired by retro pixel-art and Japanese Manga – Wild Beasts worked on the music.

The band remixed two tracks – Soft Future and Blood Knowledge – adapting them so that they would run alongside the visuals.

The original tracks inspired the GIF stories and the tracks were then adapted to fit in with the visuals. The band say: “ Although these tracks never made the original record, they were massively integral to it and we’re so pleased we’ve managed to use them in this way.

“It’s allowed us to rediscover the tracks, take them apart and put them back together again. The whole project has been a very important experiment for us and hopefully for Mattis too.”

Wild Beasts guitarist and singer Tom Fleming adds: “I’m hoping we’ve found a new way to put music and images together that is neither a feature film nor a music video nor a strict soundtrack. It’s hopefully something that is a bit more up-to-date with how musicians work and how illustrators work these days – and how music is consumed and how visuals are consumed.”

You can experience the novel at wildbeasts.thejamesonworks.com.

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