FRijj gets in a spin with new BrandOpus identity

BrandOpus has redesigned the packaging for flavoured milk brand FRijj – applying a centrifuge effect to the brand’s recognisable coloured cow print.

Frijj BrandOpus milkshake

FRijj, owned by Dairy Crest group, approached BrandOpus to undertake the project. The consultancy has previously worked on other brands owned by the group, such as Country Life butter, and Clover.

The new design features a stretched, spun effect on the type and imagery – this has been used to convey movement, says Paul Taylor, executive creative director at BrandOpus.

Frijj BrandOpus milkshake

“Our brief was to inject full on fun into the brand,” he says. “We created this new logo which evokes the idea of a spinning Catherine wheel. We then tried to take the historical cow print of FRijj and turn that into an energetic reflection of the product being shaken, reflecting the idea of a milkshake.”

The typography of the logo and blurb has also been recreated. “It has a much looser, hand-written feel, again reflecting the movement that we’re trying to convey in the design,” Taylor says.

The new packaging look has been implemented to refresh the brand, which has had a consistent look and feel for a long time. Taylor says: “We wanted to move away from some of the generic patterns in the old design, to make the brand feel more energetic and of today.”

Frijj BrandOpus milkshake

Alongside the redesign, FRijj has also recently introduced a new coffee flavoured product to its range. “There was also the challenge of new products,” Taylor says. “We had to create an new identity that would allow us to introduce new ranges into the brand as well.”

The new design will be available across packaging and point of sale products, with hopes for it to extend to online platforms in the future. The design process took nine months.

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  • Gaston Ramirez November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Wow, this looks like a samurai bloodbath, totally taken the iconic fun cow print out of this and replaced it with what looks like a poster for Kill Bill. To add to that, isn’t the logotype a bit hairy? hair and milk do no mix.
    What has a Catherine wheel got to do with milkshake? You’ve dropped the ball on this one BrandOpus tut-tut.

  • Harrison Reed November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Oh no! Its the Swirl Route again! Someone over there just hit the Twirl filter. Hard to read the branding and where’s the fun gone?

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