Design Week Awards 2011

A spread from the first issue

Thinking data

If you’ve been anywhere near the media and technology blogs over the last few days, you’ll have noticed the kafuffle over Google’s new publication Think Quarterly. The new online magazine will be sent to 1 500 of Google’s UK partners and is, for this first issue, themed around the subject of data. The magazine, which […]

Studio Meda's design

Behind the bike shed

In a quick round of Word Association, ‘bike shed’ is to ‘kissing’ and ‘smoking’ as Lady Gaga is to ‘meat’ and ‘mental’. However, the Bankside Bike Shed competition could give the rusty rep of the bike shed a much-needed lift. The competition saw The Architecture Foundation teaming up with Better Bankside, the body that works […]

Artwork by Paul Hickey

A student protest

Student protests – once peaceful, often loud, sometimes ironic, always opinionated and now tarnished with images of rioting and, unfortunately, a fire extinguisher. A group of 16-illustration students from the University of Westminster are hoping to change this perception of student protests being link to mindless acts of vandalism, by communicating their opinions of last […]

A forefather

Whose hair?

Here’s a pop quiz for barnet lovers everywhere, or perhaps ‘chop’ quiz would be more appropriate. London-based illustrator Christina Christoforou’s new book Whose Hair?, published by Laurence King, features solely the facial and head hair of some of sport, music and pop culture’s biggest celebrities and some politicians and philosophers to boot. It shows the […]

John Maeda

Virtual lecturer

When the late Michael Jackson referred to ’ABC’ being as easy as ’123’, and as simple as ’do-re-mi’, we’re fairly sure he wasn’t referring to ’atoms, bits and the neue craft’. For many of us, anything vaguely scientific sends the brain into a quivering, jelly like mess (particularly on press day), so the new online […]

Furniture by Friz Hansen

Food and furniture

London-based restaurant The Modern Pantry is looking to present a winning combination of food and furniture for its Soho pop-up shop, which opens next week. The pop-up shop, located at Meza on Soho’s Wardour Street, has been designed by restaurant founder Anna Hansen and will include furniture pieces by Danish furniture design consultancy Fritz Hansen. […]

Illustrator Ben Tallon's response to Climate Kid for Unicef

Climate kid

Unicef has launched a campaign to encourage children and young people to think about and tackle climate change centred around the cute – and blue – Climate Kid, animated by Tom Baker. The video (which you can watch below) was produced by not-for-profit public service Do the Green Thing, was written by Pentagram’s Naresh Ramchandani […]

Louise Body and her chair

Take a seat

Leon is a restaurant chain renowned for its eye-catching design. From menus to interiors, the place is painstakingly pretty, referencing traditional yet quirky styles with nostalgia-tugging graphics. For the opening of the eleventh branch in Old Compton Street, in London’s Soho, Leon is cranking its design credentials up a notch with a series of eleven […]

A render of the installation

The sound of lasers

Jewellery designer Hannah Martin is set to launch her latest jewellery collection at London’s Dover Street Market tomorrow night with a mix of augmented reality and an interactive laser installation. If, like me, Martin had you at the mention of lasers, then the installation will be all the more exciting as you actually get to […]

DW Awards

Design Week Awards 2011

It has been an outstanding year for the Design Week Awards, with at least one winner in each category and numerous other honours. These are projects deemed by the judges to demonstrate creative excellence, great ideas and exquisite execution. In the iPad we have a ground-breaking Best of Show winner that is set to change […]


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