Simpson launches Loudspeaker

One of the founders of First Direct, the former HSBC marketing head Peter Simpson, launched a creative consultancy called Loudspeaker yesterday, as part of the launch of the integrated communications agency Lateral Group.

Initially, Loudspeaker will provide creative and design work to Lateral Group’s existing clients, which include HSBC and Domino’s Pizza, but it will also ultimately operate as a consultancy in its own right, according to Simpson.

Simpson has appointed Mark Glenn as creative director of Loudspeaker. The group will work across television, press, direct marketing, in-store, on-line marketing and Web design.

Although an integrated offer, with divisions covering brand building, direct marketing and data management, Simpson hopes that Lateral’s multi-channel approach will also offer specialisation. ‘In a sense, I’m betting on two horses. We can offer an integrated marketing approach or specialise through the different divisions,’ he says.

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