College ‘torture’ project causes furore

The University of Kent was unavailable for comment this morning, following reports over the weekend that its School of Architecture briefed students to design instruments of torture.

First year MA students at the University of Kent School of Architecture were reportedly briefed to ‘design, construct and draw a fully operational prototype torture device based on ergonomic principles’.

The brief, which provoked concern in The Guardian newspaper on Saturday, is said to have stated, ‘Through design development, we hope you may advance your understanding of ergonomics as it pertains to torture… Be original… you may use a historical precedent as a point of departure or attempt to develop something completely without precedent.’

One of the 12 first year MA students on the course is said to have lodged a complaint and is being permitted to approach the project differently.

Course tutor Mike Richards reportedly created the two-week assignment, ahead of a project to design a new headquarters for Amnesty International.

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  • Sue Gullett November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Repellant and inexcusably ill-conceived. I would have serious doubts about any lecturer who set such a task or condoned it.

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