Yves Behar redesigns New York City condom brand

Designer Yves Behar has created a new look for New York City condoms and condom dispensers, in a bid to encourage New Yorkers to ‘get some’ safely.

Behar, founder of San Francisco design group Fuseproject, was appointed by New York City’s Health Department to make the brand design-friendly and approachable.

Behar says, ‘Good design can help bring condoms out of the closet.’

The NYC Condom’s new look, including fresh packaging design for its wrappers and an elegant new dispenser, were created simultaneously by the group.

The eye-catching machines, which are the primary distribution system for the condoms, will be unveiled in 200 New York venues in the coming weeks.

They have been designed out of a singular stamped metal part, making them durable and low-cost to produce. There are two colours, black or silver, with the condom text painted on top.

Sans Serif, Gotham and Gotham Rounded typefaces, which appears on both the condom packets and dispensers, were used to keep the branding youthful and approachable.

Display ads are appearing on more than 1000 subway cars citywide, as well as on phone kiosks.

The aim is that the new branding will raise awareness and adoption of the condoms by New York citizens and drive adoption of the dispensers by private businesses and public organisations.

For more information see www.nyc.gov/condoms.

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