Bruce Munro creates London Zoo light installation

The Zoological Society of London has commissioned lighting designer Bruce Munro to create a permanent installation for a new space at London Zoo.

Munro says he was commissioned three weeks ago after he was approached by the society on the strength of previous installations. The project will be completed at the end of March.

The installation will fill the staircase of the Clore Rainforest Building and link together the rainforest area and the night life zone below.

The work will consist of 12 interconnected ceiling plinths that will stretch for 6m. More than 800 optic fibres will hang down the double-height staircase, and will change colour to emulate twilight conditions.

Munro says, ‘I wanted to create something that lit the space with a tropical feeling. But I didn’t want to do something literal, like putting a light bulb behind some palm trees. I want the installation to give the feeling of damp air.’

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