Dusted Design overhauls Zilli restaurants

Dusted Design is overhauling all of celebrity chef Aldo Zilli’s restaurants in a renaming, rebranding and interiors exercise which sees new venture Zilli Green open on Sunday.

Appointed in summer 2009 on credentials, the consultancy was asked to reinvigorate the brand in line with the closure of Signor Zilli Soho and the opening of Zilli Green in its place.

After advising the client to consolidate under one brand banner, Zilli, with four sub-brands, Dusted Design is finalising a new colour palette for each, and launches a group website tomorrow.

Zilli Green’s brand reflects the restaurant’s ‘modern and sustainable’ values, according to Darren Holburn, partner at Dusted Design. The restaurant uses organic, locally sourced products and claims to be ‘tin free’.

Reclaimed natural woods have been sourced for a ‘rustic and informal’ look, and Holburn says the restaurant will be a ‘living, breathing space’ which will display the work of ‘up-and-coming Italian illustrators’.

Zilli Bar, which sits next door to Zilli Green, opens on Sunday. The identity and interior for Zilli Fish will be implemented in the spring and Zilli Café will rebranded towards the end of the year.

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