Fallon brands Prince Charles’ sustainability initiative

Fallon has created the branding for Start, a new sustainability initiative from the Prince of Wales’ charity alliance, The Prince’s Charities. The initiative is understood to be launching tomorrow with the unveiling of a website.

Fallon won the job without a pitch last summer, on the strength of its relationship with the brand and marketing director of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games, Greg Nugent, with whom the consultancy worked during his previous incarnation as EurostarUK’s head of marketing. Fallon says Nugent has been working with The Prince’s Charities.

The Start initiative is intended to help the general public understand where to ‘start’ in their individual attempts to take small, everyday actions to help the environment, such as turning lights off when they’re not in use. Fallon created the name Start. ‘The word “start” is a positive statement, rather than the negative “stop doing this or that”, which we are more accustomed to hearing,’ says Fallon head of art and designMark Elwood. He adds, ‘The name Start is about this being the beginning of a new movement in which everyone is encouraged to do their bit for the environment.’

Fallon has produced an animated film for Start, in which an escalating confusion of statistics about climate change is projected on to the inside of a box, followed by simple messages about how to make small differences. The film will be shown on the Start website, along with the branding.

The Start identity features a triangle and Helvetica typeface. ‘Triangles move you forwards, and Helvetica isowned by everyone and no one at the same time,’ explains Jamie Craven, senior designer at Fallon. The launch logo will be blue, with a variety of other colours included in thebrand guidelines. ‘We wanted to make a point of not using green at launch,’ says Craven, while Elwood adds, ‘We don’t want it to be just another Green logo’.


  • A website, featuring branding and a film by Fallon, that will ‘give simple and practical advice’ on making a difference to the environment
  • A tour of the UK ‘to celebrate those living sustainably now’
  • A festival ‘to show us what the future may look like’

Source: Start brand guidelines, by Fallon

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