Form brands live events group Face Time

Form has named and branded Face Time, a new live events company set up by marketing and events trade body the Association of Event Organisers.

Form was appointed in September 2009 following a credentials pitch. The consultancy says it created the name Face Time to communicate the value of ‘face-to-face contact’ at a time when ‘virtual communication has become the norm’.

The body’s launch is supported by a psychological survey of 1100 people which suggests that consumer attitudes toward brands at events undergoes ‘a positive uplift’. This research also instructed Form’s design approach.

Speech-bubble character icons in the design contain ‘speech-mark eyes’ conveying ‘conversation and interaction’, says Form partner Paula Benson. The icons will be animated on a Form-designed website which goes live on 24 February.

The look and feel gives a sense of ‘reliability, authority and gravitas’, adds Benson, while a ‘friendly’ rounded-edge typeface is used on a ‘fresh colour palette of blue and green’.

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