Forster creates Plings brand to encourage positive activities

Forster has created a new brand for the Plings initiative – ‘places to go and things to do’ – which is an information service for teenagers to find positive activities.

Plings is run by social research company Substance. Forster was appointed directly to the work in November 2009, according to a spokeswoman for the consultancy.

The Plings service aims to help young people pursue their interests and realise their potential by connecting them to activities happening in their area. The service also helps activity providers and local authorities engage with young people.

Forster was tasked with refreshing the Plings brand to reposition it, from being a simple delivery mechanism to become a service that provides opportunities for young people to realise diverse ambitions. The consultancy created the new strapline ‘Be here. Go there’.

Plings is working with five local authorities across the UK to develop the programme in their areas, and it is then expected to roll out nationally.

Neil Watson, director of Substance, says, ‘The repositioning of Plings so that it accentuates the opportunities available to fulfil the potential of young people has been at the centre of the Forster process.’

The new brand is being used on the Plings website, and is to be applied to other collateral as part of the roll-out.

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