GRDD designs art debate forum

GRDD has won a three-way pitch to design a website for the Great British Art Debate, a four-year collaboration between Tate Britain and three other institutions.

The site will act as a forum for young people to discuss British identity and the impact of British art on their lives.

Built around a user profile section, the site will encourage visitors to ‘curate their own gallery space’ with objects from the institutions’ collections and exhibitions, according to James Bowden, director of GRDD. ‘Users can vote and comment on the curated galleries,’ he says.

The project involves Tate Britain, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums, Norfolk Museums & Archeology Service, and Museums Sheffield.

Questions scripted by the Tate will provoke debate in five areas which site visitors can vote on. The dialogue will also be carried to social networking channels.

Bowden says GRDD has tweaked the Great British Art Debate logo ‘by placing it in a badge’ and is developing a ‘playful illustrative’ look and feel for the site, which goes live in March. 

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