Industrial Design Consultancy works on next-generation motorbike helmet

Industrial Design Consultancy has helped to develop a new motorbike helmet, which it is hoped will reduce head injuries.

The Super Skin helmet aims to reduce rotational head injury by ‘mimicking the relationship between the skin and the skull’, according to IDC managing director Stephen Knowles.

The helmet is coated with a lubricant and outer membrane, which stretches, slides and can ultimately break on impact. This aims to reduce rotational impact on the head, and cut the possibility of brain trauma.

The design uses a strong synthetic membrane, which sits on top of a gel-like lubricant. This protective layer can be painted like a normal crash helmet. Underneath the membrane is a standard but optimised helmet design, Knowles says.

The Super Skin helmet is the brainchild of Dr Ken Phillips, who owns the patent on the product. IDC has been working for around eight years to develop it, focusing on testing and prototyping, according to Knowles.

The helmet has been brought to market by helmet manufacturer Lazer, available as a full-face design, the Solano (selling for £200), or as an open-face model, the Rider (costing £150).

IDC is currently working with Dr Phillips on other applications of the technology, and an equestrian version of the Super Skin is currently under test.

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  • susan daun November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Coming from someone who has had the unfortunate need to rely on a crash helmet, this is a great invention. Great from two perspectives – apart from the main function, anyone one who has had a crash helmet for more than a year knows that the scratches and scuffs from daily use are a frustrating issue, however this gel has the potential to protect the shell from this. Fantastic.

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