Jam develops plans for ‘art-oriented’ 100% Design

This year’s 100% Design will be ’multinational’, ’noncorporate’, ’interactive’ and ’art-oriented’, according to Jam Design senior show designer Gemma Lewis.

As with last year’s show, the exhibition will be limited to one room, Earls Court Two, while another trade show takes place in Earls Court One.

Last year, Designersblock inhabited a portion of hall One, but the show will not return to Earls Court in 2010. ’We never had any plans to come back and are now looking for a spacious, accessible venue for this year’s show’, says Designersblock co-founder Rory Dodd.

Jam’s plans include ’dialling up the stuff that worked last year at this year’s event’, says Lewis. The ’grand boulevard’ that ran down the centre of Earls Court Two will remain, flanked by interactive features.

’But this year we will have more art installations, sculptural art and bigger features with more breathing space around them,’ says Lewis.

The colour palette of the show will be brightened with a pink, yellow and white carpet, in a further attempt to make the show less corporate.

’The boulevard is not about creating a space for more corporate stands, but about inspiring people and opening 100% Design out to those whodon’t usually visit,’ says Lewis.

She adds that the show will ’maintain its focus on playfulness and interactivity, inspiration, participation and collaboration’. Design technology could also play a bigger part in the event than previously.

The 100% Materials section is to be expanded this year, and there will be more international pavilions – up from six last year to a possible ten, ncluding first-time exhibitor Argentina.

Jam is not yet certain how far the 100% Design branding will change from last year’s version, but reports that it is working with a graphics group, In The Woods, on print materials including the exhibition guide.

’We might use a spin on last year’s branding,’ says Lewis. The show has introduced new guidelines for choosing its exhibitors, called the Good Design Manifesto, that its judging panel (pictured) will use. Judges include Jason Bruges, Matthew Hilton and Tomoko Azumi. 100% Design exhibition director Peter Massey says the manifesto urges designs to be ’original, sustainable and rigorous’.

100% Design takes place on 23-26 September.

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