Jason Bruges and Daniel Hirschmann unveil new works at Kinetica

Jason Bruges Studio and Daniel Hirschmann are among designers unveiling work at the Kinetica Art Fair.

The London exhibition explores kinetic, electronic, robotic, sound, light, time-based and interdisciplinary new media art.

Screen Cloud (pictured), by Jason Bruges Studio, aims to ‘visualise the invisible’ in a homage to the work of American sculptor Alexander Calder. The hanging installation comprises 30 screens which show characteristics of ‘proprioception’ – each screen has ‘knowledge’ of its orientation in relation to the rest of the assembly.

‘The screens will show different content as they move,’ says Jason Bruges Studio director Zena Bruges. ‘Each one knows its location in space.’

Digital designer Daniel Hirschmann is unveiling Engine, a site-specific, generative painting installation.

Appearing as a blank canvas, visitor interaction with the piece reveals brush strokes triggered by movement.

Hirschmann says, ‘It is a fluid, real-time, creative experience’ which comprises ‘a painting surface, a camera, generative Engine software and a printing station’.

Interaction causes an ‘explosive combination of colour, geometry, pattern and form to emerge’, he adds.

Kinetica Art Fair runs until 7 February at Venue P3, London NW1.

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