Jeremy Leslie’s redesigned FHM set to hit the shelves

The redesigned FHM, which is Jeremy Leslie’s first completed project under the Magculture banner, hits shelves today.

Leslie, who left John Brown Media last July, says he has been working on the FHM redesign – for publisher Bauer Media – for around three months.

He describes the new look as ‘back to basics’ and ‘very masculine’. FHM’s traditional red and black palette is reasserted, and the Knockout and Verlag fonts are used throughout.

Leslie says the magazine is broken down into three different sections: Access, which he describes as ‘nonsense you talk about in the pub’; Filter, which highlights ‘the 20 things that matter this month’; and Upgrade, which is a ‘life manual’ featuring fashion and grooming. Leslie adds, ‘These sections all existed previously but now have much more separation.’

FHM editor Colin Kennedy says, ‘Jeremy’s expertise allowed us to create a significant step-change in the value of the package we offer readers – there is now more of everything.’

Leslie is now operating under the Magculture brand, taking the name from the editorial design blog he runs.

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