Beyond the pages

This spring will see the inaugural Dazed Live festival, a two-day hip-fest which will see iconic magazine Dazed & Confused reaching beyond its achingly gorgeous pages and onto the streets of – you guessed it – east London.

The festival will bring together digital innovation, music, art and fashion, bought to us by – we’re promised – ‘today’s agenda-setters and provocateurs.’ We presume this means people we will never, ever, be as cool as, but with a line-up like this, we’ll happily slavishly ape their ideas and lap it up like the pencil-pushing, vicariously-living wannabes we really are.

Work from Postermat

Francesca Gavin, Dazed & Confused visual arts editor, says, ‘We wanted to reflect a lot of the projects we’ve written about and highlight the variety of mediums we can use. There’s going to be tonnes of stuff going on showing the interesting work that’s going on at the moment.’

Aside from a stunning musical line-up, there will be exciting visual elements, including some large-scale installation pieces from graphic design duo Hudson-Powell. Gavin says, ‘Their influences are pre-modern history and the digital – I think we’ll see a fusion between old England and new technology.’

More work at Postermat

Dazed Live also boasts a hearty programme of talks and exhibitions. These include the UK debut of Postermat, a collection of posters from Kathy Grayson’s New York gallery The Hole, including works by Yoko Ono, Terence Koh, Yamataka Eye and Barry McGee. 

The Dazed Lab presents ideas and new work from young artists working in various media under the umbrella ‘Fresh Thinking Under 35s – DIY & Digital’. These include a talk on The Future of Video from Champagne Valentine (we really hope this is their actual name); and on The Retro Future of Art from Paul Pieroni. Which, to quote the film Dig, sounds, like, so retro, but so the future.

London art collective Bare Bones

London art collective Bare Bones is launching their first ever full-colour ‘anti-establishment’ publication; and will also be behind a number of other goings-on which are being strictly kept under wraps, possibly in another massive two-fingered salute to ‘the man.’

Bare Bones say, ‘Grab this bullshit by the horns and hop onto our tabloid eye junket. Consider this timely opportunity for you to loaf and invite inspiration straight into your hands.’ 

We will, Bare Bones. We will.

Dazed Live runs from 9-10 April, at various venues around Shoreditch.The Postermat exhibition will take place at 18 Hewett Street, Shoreditch,
EC2A. Some film screenings and other exhibitions will take place upstairs at XOYO, 32-37 Cowper Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A. Other venues TBA.

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