Big Fish designs Belvoir Fruit Farms website

Big Fish has designed a new website for Belvoir Fruit Farms soft drink brand, which aims to bring ‘loveliness’ to its customers.


Big Fish began working on the website project in November 2010 due to an existing relationship with Belvoir, having rebranded the company about six years ago.

Perry Haydn Taylor, creative director at Big Fish, says, ‘We were tasked with spreading a little Belvoir loveliness to better interact with old and new customers, while making the site easier to navigate and use.’

The look and feel of the site has been evolved to be ‘more about flowers’, says Haydn Taylor.

He adds, ‘The packaging is designed to look lovely on the table, so we’ve taken that right through the website. It’s an extension of the bottles, but with a more blog-like approach. 

‘It’s meant to be more of a conversation website, not just to showcase the products.’

The consultancy has created a ‘compliment-a-day’ screensaver, ‘Lovely O’Clock’ game and e-cards.

Becky McCaul, marketing manager of Belvoir, says, ‘We are delighted with the new-look website. It’s fresh and simple, but full of fun and hidden depths – a bit like the elderflower really.’

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