Cada completes designs for food retailer Mori

Cada has designed the interiors, retail graphics and collateral for the third branch of Asian food outlet Mori on King’s Road, London.


Cada was appointed to the project in autumn 2010, having been approached by Mori to make a credentials presentation on the strength of its work for food retailers such as Itsu and Pret A Manger.

David Callcott, co-founder of Cada, says, ‘We’ve made it feel comfortable for people – they feel like they’re virtually walking into a home. The contemporary light fittings give it a softness that really worked.’

Chandeliers made from white ceramics have been used to create a contrast with the predominantly dark environmental graphics. A vibrant pink and yellow colour palette is used on the furniture and menu boards.

The interiors are inspired by Tokyo’s skyscape to reference the origins of Mori’s products, featuring black-and-white photography of the city on the walls.

Callcott says, ‘There’s a big build-up of trust in the brand, and that comes out in the interiors. The packaging has massive standout on the shelves, so we took those strong colours and incorporated them into the interiors.’

The branch officially opens this weekend.

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