Island paradise

With the delusional hopes that summer was well and truly here abruptly dashed, words like ‘tropical’, ‘island’ and ‘paradise’ are all it takes to set off imaginary Daiquiri-fuelled reveries of escaping to a tropical paradise.

The cause of all this daydreaming nonsense is the launch of the Treehouse Architecture Competition of Tropical Island Resort Designers, which is calling for people to ‘design the perfect structure in the perfect place where everything you need is accessible.’ Oh, and the treehouses will be built near the beaches of Fiji, Vietnam, China and Maui, natch.

Though it all sounds a bit T4 Shipwrecked, this competition is about much more than ex-public school tantrums; Topshop bikinis; raging hormones and making a ‘uh, like, connection’ with other ludicrously outgoing, stageschool morons.

The project largely aims to encourage creative freedom  and as such, there are few restrictions on the nature of the design. Though the organisers stipulate that the structure has to be stabilized in coconut palm trees well above ground, few if any walls are required; no heat or cooling mechanisms are necessary; and there are no building codes to adhere to.

A potential idea for the treehouses
A potential idea for the treehouses

In a bizarre twist, the competition sites have no existing trees: instead, the majority of the tree houses will be in coconut palm trees that will be brought to the site and planted as per the design. 

The brief specifies that the designs must include an ecological shower and toilet and that none of the structural elements of the tree house can touch the ground, though the ground floor are can be used as a cooking or kitchen space.

Sounding somewhat like an anti-align products, the winner will be decided according to ‘firmness, commodity, and delight’.

All those whose designs make the top 100 will win a month’s stay at a tree house in Hawaii or China; with first, second and third prize winners also receiving their airfare.

The deadline for submissions is 29 August, with registration costing $70.

To register and view the full brief, visit, as well as a $5000, $4000 or $3000 prize.

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