Little black dress

It seems timely with London Fashion Week in full swing, that we heard about an exhibition dedicated to the staple item in any savvy woman’s wardrobe – the little black dress.

The exhibition, which will be held at The Civic in Barnsley in March, will showcase designers’ personal interpretations of the little black dress in its most wearable and surrealist iterations.

by Amila Hrustic
by Amila Hrustic

Featured designers include Gavin Pierre Medford, Vera Thordardottir who designed the silicon jacket worn by Lady Gaga at Elton John‘s White Tie and Tiara ball, Amila Hrustic, Kei Kagami and Rita Britton.

The exhibition will also look at some of the best known versions of the outfit including Coco Chanel’s Ford dress and Elizabeth Hurley’s Versace safety pin wonder.

Little Black Dress runs from 31 March – 20 May at The Gallery at The Civic, Hanson Street, Barnsley, S70 2HZ

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