Profile: Seam Lam

Sean Lam has been making digital waves in Singapore’s creative industry for more than 12 years. This is quite a feat in a country that has only truly begun to embrace art and design in the past five years. Lam’s childhood love of electronic games sparked his passion for the pixel, and when interaction design was offered as a course at Tamasek Polytechnic, Sean embraced the opportunity with both hands. When he graduated in 1998, the CD Rom market was on its way out, while the Internet was fast becoming the next big thing. It was perfect timing, presenting an opportunity for Sean to bring design and interactive creativity to the Web.

In 1999, Sean and two of his friends founded Kinetic Interactive Singapore, which was one of the country’s first interactive creative consultancies. The following ten years saw the group win countless international awards for pushing the creative boundaries of digital design and bring Singaporean interaction design to the international stage. Despite his success, the 36-year-old has a modest, relaxed approach to his work. ‘So far, work has been coming in at a comfortable pace, but even more gratifying is the fact that some clients, appreciative of my creative inputs, have given me free rein over their projects. This is the best scenario, as I get paid for putting my heart into my craft.’

Games we play - iPad

Lam is now hailed as one of Singapore’s top creative directors, and has gone on to found his latest venture, Plate Interactive, a digital consultancy. His latest website, the soon to be launched, takes a nostalgic look at his childhood passion. ‘I really enjoyed working on this project as the subject matter is close to my heart. In particular, the many hours spent doing research on local games we used to play such as Capteh, Hantam-bola and Zero-point.’ Sean continues to push digital boundaries by delivering the look and feel of Flash animation to the iPad version of the site, despite iPads not supporting the Flash plug-in.

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