Umbrella creates interactive radio exhibition

Umbrella Design is working on an interactive experience at Bletchley Park for the Radio Society of Great Britain, which aims to inspire a new generation of radio enthusiasts.

The consultancy was appointed in July 2010 after submitting a creative proposal following a recommendation.

Set to open this spring, the exhibition is the RSGB’s first permanent residence and will demonstrate the role radio technology continues to play, according to Umbrella.

The story of radio will be told historically and include ‘undulating forms’, which bring radio waves to life, the consultancy says.

‘The challenge was to bring to life something that is invisible to the human eye,’ says RSGB general manager Peter Kirby.

Features include a cinema that screens an introduction to amateur radio and an interactive area where visitors can experience technologies realised through innovations in radio experimentation.

There will also be a demonstration centre, where global communication with radio enthusiasts and even astronauts on the international space station is possible.

Visitors will finish at The Future Zone, which shows the practical applications of possible radio advancements including medical diagnosis from inside the body.

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