University researchers develop ‘pedestrian-friendly’ car bonnet

Researchers at Anglia Ruskin University have worked with specialists from energy-absorption company Cellbond to develop a car bonnet design which they claim could cut the number of pedestrian deaths in car accidents.

The bonnet uses a sheet of metal that is etched into a grid format so that it collapses inwards on impact, reducing the levels of impact injury.

The design has been developed by Cellbond’s Dr Mehrdad Asadi, in collaboration with Anglia Ruskin University’s Engineering Simulation Analysis and Tribology Group.

Professor Hassan Shirvani, director of the group, says the design has been assessed by testers certified by safety group NCAP. Shirvani says, ‘Test results show that this Cellbond design reduces the “head impact criteria” by 50-60 per cent, hence the energy is absorbed in the collapsing structure.’

Researchers say the bonnnet design is currently being assessed by ‘a number of leading motor manufacturers’ and that research is ongoing.

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