Waitrose to roll out home delivery website

Waitrose is set to unveil a new home delivery online platform – designed by Grand Union – which the retailer says it has invested more than £10m in.

The site is being designed and developed by the Waitrose e-commerce development team.

Set to launch in the second week of March, Waitrose is already e-mailing more than a million of its customers as it looks to rebrand the Waitrose Deliver service as Waitrose.com.

The site will feature Home Direct delivery, a click-and-collect service, and wine flowers and gift ordering.

Cheese, fish, meat and delicatessen counters can be browsed online for home ordering and specific requests can be made according to Waitrose including, it says, ‘Requests for, say, green bananas or extra-thick slices of ham from the delicatessen counter.’  

Waitrose managing director Mark Price indicates that further investment is planned and says the site focuses on ‘customer experience’ with an emphasis on ‘service and the personal touch’.

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