1977 creates identity system for Hot Pot Digital

The Hot Pot digital identity
The Hot Pot digital identity

1977 Design has named and designed the Hot Pot Digital brand, which has been set up by The PAE Group as a UK-based company specialising in handling Chinese social media for UK brands.

The PAE Group is a Beijing-based media investment company, which operates companies in branded content, social media, and recruitment for the creative industries.

The Hot Pot identity system means the ‘O’ of the main identity can be replaced with Chinese cultural references when used on business cards and other branded collateral.

The circular motif is used across communications
The current library of Hot Pot Digital images

Appointed directly following a recommendation, Paul Bailey, partner at 1977 says that strategy discussions began in November 2011 and showed that the focus should be ‘on the social rather then the media’.

1977 looked to focus on what it saw as the strength of the company – knowledge of the modern Chinese consumer and Chinese society, and how they use social media.

Bailey says, ‘Rather than a “them and us” approach we wanted to explain how UK brands will be included in the conversations taking place on Chinese social media. To bring the brand and the Chinese consumer together in the same space.

The circular motif is used across communications
In some communications the ‘o’ from the identity is swapped with a photograph

‘Hot pot is the social dish of China. It is a time for friends to come together and discuss what is important to them right now. Hot Pot Digital bring their clients’ brands to the table to join the discussion.’

A look for the brand was built up ‘combining traditional Chinese elements with a clean, modern design approach,’ says Bailey who adds, ‘Hot pot is served in a large, circular bowl in the middle of a larger, circular table, hence our representation of this in graphic form in the brand identity.’

The circular shape also references ‘inclusivity’ says 1977, which wanted to represent the idea of putting clients in the same place as Chinese consumers. 

Different circular motifs are used in the identity
Different circular motifs are used in the identity

A palette is based on the Wu Xing, (or the Five Elements) from Chinese tradition: Red for fire, yellow for earth, white for metal, and green for wood.

An image library will be expanded by contemporary Chinese photographers working with Hot Pot Digital. Current images include hot pot, mooncake, and bazoi.

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    Just lovely. Flexible, fun and memorable

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    I like your company

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