Acts of brandalism

Consultancy Let’s be Brief is inviting illustrators and copywriters to take part in an act of ‘brandalism’.

Dolce and Banana: LBB has created a few of its own ideas to get people thinking

Next week’s Carfumes: The After School Club for Creative Types workshop in London will see designers deconstruct famous brands and turn them into something altogether sillier.

The workshop, led by Let’s Be Brief illustrator Sky Nash, will encourage participants to give ‘loved and not so loved brands a tongue-in-cheek makeover,’ according to Let’s Be Brief director Steph McLaren who says, ‘We want to subvert the current ads out there and make new straplines.’

Dior becomes Door. Perhaps Carte D’or ice cream could become Car Door

Let’s Be Brief, which has co-organised the event with Jester Jacques Gallery, hopes to create a zine at the end of the night showing off these Frankenstinian adverts.

There is a particular bent toward perfume brands. For those with flagrant disregard for fragrance, debranded bottles will be handed out for guests to impose their new creations on. You can however also mess about with any other brands you fancy.

What’s the point to all this? There isn’t one as far as we can make out, but it looks quite fun.

Mouldberry. Nice

Carfumes: The After School Club for Creative Types takes place on 20 February from 6-9pm at Boxpark Shoreditch, 2-4 Bethnal Green Road, E1 6G

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