Goodbye Muzak, hello Mood

The Muzak brand name, which has become synonymous with instrumental background music, is being dropped as its parent company unites all its services under the brand name Mood.

The new Mood identity
The new Mood identity

Muzak Holdings was founded in the USA 1934 by Major General George Owen Squier, who set up the company to deliver music to commercial clients.

Squier apparently chose the Muzak name after being inspired by Kodak.

The previous Muzak identity, which was also designed by Brick
The previous Muzak identity

Muzak Holdings filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and, following a restructuring, was bought by Mood Media for $345 million (£220 million) in 2011.

The Muzak name is now being scrapped, as Mood brings all its services under the single Mood identity.

The new Mood website
The new Mood website

Mood chairman and chief executive Lorne Abony says the Muzak name is being dropped due to unwanted baggage.

He says, ‘It’s often perceived as an epithet for elevator music. Muzak was not the connotation that suggested that we have come a long way.’

Abony adds, ‘It’s the end of an iconic American brand.’

The new Mood identity, which has been developed by San Francisco-based consultancy Brick, is rolling out internationally. Brick also created the most recent Muzak identity.

Mood replaces three previous portfolio companies – Muzak, DMX and Mood Media – and provides experience design services including music and lighting.

Mood statistics
Mood statistics
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