Igloo brands Patentise patent service

Igloo has created the identity for Patentise, a new service from patent attorney EIP.


Patentise helps companies benefit from UK Government initiative Patent Box, which offers tax breaks on profits companies make from patented products.

Patentise experts will work with companies to advise them on which products or technologies to patent, in order to qualify for the Corporation Tax breaks.

Olly Lockett, partner at Igloo, says, ‘EIP could have just sent out a dry letter to potential clients, outlining the new service, but instead they chose to invest in a branded service.’

Business cards
Business cards

The Patentise identity uses the DIN typeface, which is also used in the EIP identity – also developed by Igloo.

The logo is set in a 2:1 ratio ‘box’, providing a link to the Patent Box initiative.

Igloo chose to use yellow for the identity as ‘the colour is quite rare in the patent world, which tends to be quite dominated by blues’, according to Lockett.

The consultancy also developed a ‘P’ secondary mark, for use as a social media icon or website favicon.

The Patentise 'P' secondary mark
The Patentise ‘P’ secondary mark

A set of two-tone patterns was developed to be used as backgrounds on presentations or communications.

The two-tone background
The two-tone background

Mike Scott, senior designer at Igloo, says, ‘The logo has a good feeling about it – it sits very easily on a page.

‘For EIP, having their branding and services professionally designed should give them a head-start on other firms, and this professionalism is something that has been noted by their professional clients.’

The identity is being applied to stationery and other documents, and Igloo is also developing a Patentise website.

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