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1. Retailer Marks & Spencer has relaunched its website, with a strong focus on content and new ‘editorial hub’ Style & Living.


2. Tom Hingston is creating an ‘immersive logo’ in the reception area of the Ampersand office building.

3. Play Type: the Art of Typography – font-based artworks in a new exhibition at the Book Club.

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Tom Karen

‘The outcome was that Jonathan stuck to industrial design and made a huge success of it.’ Industrial design legend Tom Karen on how he talked a young Jonathan Ive out of quitting design.

Image of the week 


The British Library has some great examples of data visualisation from throughout the ages, including this map of ocean currents around the globe from 1685.

Our favourite website


Sesame Street Fighter is, of course, an educational typing fighting game.

Design stories in the national press

The designers of Barbie have defended her extreme proportions. According to the Guardian, Barbie’s body-shape was created in order to make her clothes fit better.

The BBC reports on a glow-in-the-dark path which has been installed in London’s William Parnell Park.

Jony Ive

The Times was among those panicked when Jony Ive’s profile mysteriously disappeared from the Apple website. The disappearance was apparently caused by a technical glitch, and Ive was reinstated shortly afterwards.

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