Wearable tech for dogs

Wearable tech has long been flagged as a key innovation trend, but few could have predicted this latest development – wearable tech for dogs…


Yes, us humans have fallen hook, line and sinker for Nike+ and the FitBit, and now Fido can join in the fun too, with the new Whistle collar-mounted tracker.

The Whistle collects health and activity data on your dog and, according to designers NewDealDesign, gives you ‘insights and foresight into the life of man’s best friend’. In our experience the life of man’s best friend largely involves eating and rolling in fox poo.


The Whistle algorithm measures and differentiates between activities such as running, walking, play, rest and even drinking water. Users can also allow vet access to this data, to detect potential health problems at an early stage.

The product design itself is understandably dog-friendly. The stainless-steel disc is designed to emulate a dog’s collar tag. It makes a robust ‘sandwich’ that keeps electronics safe from prying paws. Welding and triple shot injection waterproof the main body and ensure the device stays bite-resistant.


A colorful light-pipe is hidden under the front cap, illuminating with a simple click on the device. A smart interface notifies the owner of key data with color changing and flashes. The device is wirelessly connected through Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.0.


For more information visit www.whistle.com.

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