Robochop and the industrial Internet of Things

Internet of Things

While much of the attention given to the Internet of Things has been around connected home appliances there has been little focus on the Industrial Internet of things.

The industrial internet of things is a connected system of machines which are autonomous but can also connect with other machines or other systems such as transport networks.

Code_n 2015 is an investment platform for “digital pioneers” which is hosting an event at tech show CeBit in Hanover, Germany, where it will be giving out a prize of around £22,000 to its best of show winner.

This year’s theme is “Into the Internet of Things” and at the event they will also be showing the ideas of 50 finalists and putting on a conference programme.

The event seems to take a holistic view of the Internet of Things looking at the many industrial applications as well as domestic applications.

Robochop by Weisshaar and Kram

Robochop by Weisshaar and Kram

Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram have looked to materialise the Internet of Things with an exhibition design for the event that imagines show booths as interconnected objects suspended in a web of scaffolding.

Far and above everything else happening though you need to be made aware of Robochop – also designed by Weisshaar and Kram – which is the perfect evocation of the industrial Internet of Things.

Robochop by Weisshaar and Kram

From 5 March you can head to this website and design a piece of furniture, which will be made by Robochop and then shipped to your address straight away.

Robochop uses a hot wire cutting tool to carve into a polystyrene cube leaving you with a rudimentary but perfectly functional coffee table, stool, or object of your choosing.

CeBIT takes place at venues in Hanover, Germany and runs from 16-20 March 2015. For more information head to:

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