Sustainability has been on Puma’s agenda since 2005, when the sports brand decided to put its Green foot forward by publishing a sustainability report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. Since then Puma has embarked on a programme, which sees it leading the way in sustainable manufacturing.

Last year saw the launch of the Puma eco-table, devised by London-based consultancy GBH. A collection of ’cells’ contains each sustainable story within the programme, which is printed on all products and packaging.

Designer Yves Béhar of Fuse Project has also helped mould the Puma’s Green credentials, teaming up with the Design Museum to launch packaging that reduces paper, water, diesel and energy consumption by 60 per cent and eliminates 10 000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year. The result is a Clever Little Bag, which combines a simple cardboard frame with a reusable bag made from sustainably sourced cotton and polyester. The packaging featured in the Design Museum’s Sustainable Futures exhibition in April 2010, in connection with which Béhar gave a lecture discussing the responsibilities of designers to work in a more sustainable manner.

This year looks promising for Puma, as it is shortlisted in several categories for its sustainable packaging and lifestyle branding in the 2011 Design Week Awards, presented in March.

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