Hot 50 2010

We know that 2009 was tough in design and that the creative industries faced constraints and challenges. But that didn’t stop some people and organisations excelling against the odds. And it is those proactive spirits that we honour in the 2010 Hot 50.

As in previous years, the Hot 50 were selected by an independent panel. They were looking to honour those who have gone way beyond the brief in the name of design, either in the previous 12 months or through a lifetime of achievements. Designers, clients, educators, artists and movements are all in the mix.

Again, we have a healthy quota of environment-friendly groups and initiatives in the mix, as well as cultural and social phenomena. Such is the mood of the 21st century. Many are familiar figures – HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, Dieter Rams and Rodney Fitch, for example. Their contribution over time has been massive.

In future, though, we would like to balance their input with more truly ‘hot’ talents – newer players in design. We welcome your nominations for 2011, so start thinking now.

Lynda Relph-Knight
Editor, Design Week

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