Hot 50: APPS

Apple has been a regular in the Hot 50 listings since they began, and once again we recognise its work. This time, though, it is for its apps. Created originally for the iPhone, ‘app’ – short for application – is essentially a software program familiar to Mac users.

The term has become popularised through Apple’s online App Store, which opened in July 2008. The store contains thousands of iPhone and iPod Touch applications advertised under the slogan ‘Everything you’ve ever wanted at your fingertips’.

Food enthusiasts can, for example, download thousands of recipes. Insider apps will keep users up to date in the worlds of business, sport, politics, music and fashion, or enable them to explore the world, follow map trails, sail the seas and stargaze.

The more popular music apps allow people to compose songs and create their own radio stations.

Apps are fun and a great concept. It is therefore no surprise that other mobile phone companies, such as Nokia, Samsung and LG Electronics, have jumped on the bandwagon.

This new technology is a significant movement, as anyone can create apps. They have, though, proved a lucrative source of work for digital specialists.

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