Corks popped and champagne flowed at The Partners last year. Awards burst the seams of its portfolio and it attained the top spot for creativity in the Design Week annual Creative Survey, based on creative award wins.

Creative director Greg Quinton claims that ambition is key to The Partners’ success. It was set up 25 years ago with the aim to become ‘the best creative agency in the world’, and while it was acquired by global marketing services giant WPP in 2000, its creative success shows that you can be big internationally and still turn out great work.

Outstanding projects include the National Gallery’s Grand Tour, which adorned the streets of London’s West End with 44 masterpieces in an inspired promotional strategy. Other award-winning concepts include Mr Singh’s Bangras, sausages created by Digit founder Daljit Singh and branded with henna-style edible ink; quirky branding and a website for Eagle Clean that comes to life with rubber gloves; and the Planet Saver screensaver for Deloitte.

It is great to recognise The Partners’ success in this year’s Hot 50. Long may the consultancy’s creative reign continue.

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