Interaction Design Supplement

Interaction Design

One of the biggest themes of the 2009 Interaction Design supplement is the rise of the App Store, fuelled by the many applications Apple has released for its iPhone.

Natural selection

Digital technology appears to be driving human evolution, now that we’re starting to outsource our long-term memory needs and abandoning our sense of self to the Internet. Should we be worried? asks Adrian Shaughnessy

Crystal gazing

It’s not just the economic slowdown that’s holding back the tide of progress in the interactive sector – timidity and a failure to consider the end-user are also factors. Suzanne Hinchliffe asks nine activists how they see the future panning out


The next level

The economic slowdown is putting the brakes on platform innovation in the games industry, with the focus now shifting to mobile phone apps distribution and enhancements of the user experience. Iain Simons looks at recent developments


Sound and fury

Too much in the world of digital interactivity focuses on its use of technology, rather than on communicating ideas to an audience. John Stones bemoans this obsession with novelty, which fails to hide a paucity of meaningful content


Platform cues

The iPhone has revolutionised the graphic and content potential of mobile phone applications, increasing the medium’s value as a branding tool. Scott Billings looks at how developers are turning to design to make their apps stand out in a now-crowded market

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