Mildberry builds UK presence

Moscow-based branding group Mildberry has forged a joint venture deal with Loman Street Studio in London to consolidate its interests in the UK.

The London consultancy, led by creative partner Stephen Kirk, specialises in communication, art and design, working within client companies to bring out inherent creativity. Under the deal, it will trade as Mildberry, with which it has shared premises in London’s Bankside for some 18 months.

The deal marks an increased investment in the London business by Mildberry, says its founder Oleg Beriev. ‘Our confidence in the effectiveness of the business strategy we apply in Europe and the seriousness of our intentions in the UK is based on the results Mildberry has achieved in its offices in Milan and Brussels,’ he says.

Mildberry’s move follows the resignation of Bill Wallsgrove as creative director of the consultancy over ‘a disagreement in strategy’ with the co-directors of the Moscow group, in what is described by all parties as an amicable split.

Wallsgrove, who is also creative director of Big Idea, sonic branding group Sound Idea and Xylem, says, ‘I joined Mildberry to develop work in Russia. Oleg wants to develop more work in the UK. This goes counter to my Big Idea business and is difficult in a crowded market.’

Beriev adds, ‘I value Bill and his creative capabilities highly, but, unfortunately, our views on developing business in the UK are too different for the continuing development of our partnership.’

Wallsgrove will continue to build Big Idea and his other interests. He is believed to be pursuing other potential consultancy partnerships in Russia.

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