Arts Council appoints 16 groups to roster

Arts Council England has created a marketing and design roster featuring 16 consultancies.

It features Manchester-based Love Creative and Music, Nottingham- and London-based Studio Output, and 999 Design, which has offices in Glasgow, Manchester and London.

The roster has been split into two lots, one covering brand development work, and the other concentrating on marketing communications projects.

The consultancies rostered for lot one are 23 Red, GBH, Intro, Love Creative, and The Team/Branded.

Those appointed to lot two are 999 Design, Andrew Clare, Blast, Blue River, Cog Design, Crush, Hoop Associates, Intro, Marc & Anna, Music, and Studio Output.

Rob Coke, creative director of Studio Output, says, ‘It’s good for us to have potential stability – there’s no guarantee of work, but it’s good to know we’re in the Arts Council’s sights.

‘We’ve always been interested in arts work. We’d obviously be very interested in doing campaigns, and we’re open to regional work.’

Anthony Smith, creative director of Music, says, ‘It’s a very good sector to be doing business in, both financially and in terms of the work we hope to be doing.’

Elizabeth Vessey, national marketing officer for Arts Council England, says, ‘Creativity, innovation, eclecticism and quality have been key in our selection process, as well as value for money.

‘Working with such talented consultancies will ensure that the Arts Council’s marketing and design work truly represents the creativity of the arts, artists and arts organisations that we support and develop.’

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