Cowan Design creates Just Milk identity

Cowan Design has turned its attention to UHT milk brand Candia in a bid to reposition it under a new identity.

Just Milk launches across the UK in Sainsbury’s, Somerfield and wholesale stores this week.

Cowan Design approached the French long-life milk brand 18 months ago, and was subsequently appointed without a pitch, according to Cowan London client services director Charlotte Gorringe-Serrano.

‘One of the main challenges is that Candia is a French brand, and most people want to buy British. One of our approaches was not to highlight that the brand is French, and to keep the visual language as close as possible to “fresh”,’ says Gorringe-Serrano.

The consultancy, which has previously worked for Heinz, created the name and identity to move the brand ‘closer to fresh’ and focus on the convenience that comes with long-life milk, to drive trials of the product.

‘Structurally, the bottle is interesting. It has got a handle, rather than being like the other Tetra packs, so consumers are more likely to keep it in the fridge. Graphically, the previous design was quite ’70s, with an image of a milk churn. We’ve retained the outdoor cues – landscape, with butterflies breaking out from the Just Milk logo to create dynamism,’ Gorringe-Serrano adds.

The launch is to be supported by a website – – and a press campaign, also designed by Cowan London.

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