Foster creates new Net Jets fleet

Lord Norman Foster has turned his hand to Net Jets’ new business class fleet of Falcon 7X private jets, the designs of which will be unveiled later today.

Appointed to the £1.5bn project in 2006, Lord Foster – himself a pilot – was commissioned, independently of Foster & Partners, to develop the interior layout and exterior livery for the project. He has, however, worked with his group on the designs.

Graeme Weston, chief operating officer of Net Jets Europe, says he ‘wanted an architect to look at it holistically as a space’.

He adds that Foster ‘consulted with staff, crew and pilots to make it the aircraft it is today’.

According to Weston, Foster wasn’t briefed or given formal guidelines. He says, ‘We placed compete trust in his ability to create something special.’

Despite companies cutting back on business expenditure, Net Jets Europe maintains that there is a need for the premium service.

Weston says, ‘This is not something we did on a whim and we are taking a very long-term view of the project. It’s not about extravagant opulence, it’s about ensuring world leaders of business and governments are in the right place at the right time.’

The 33 planes will be added to Net Jets’ fleet over the next eight years.

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