Gendall creates identity for £30m regeneration scheme

Cornish consultancy Gendall is designing the identity of the £30m regeneration scheme The Heartlands Project, in Pool, Cornwall.

Gendall was appointed in October by Kerrier District Council following a credentials pitch in response to a tender, according to Paul Davies, digital director at Gendall.

Tess Gendall, managing director at the consultancy, says it is looking to create a ‘bright, colourful and approachable identity’ for the scheme (model pictured below).

She says, ‘It’s all about building a destination brand through language’ and notes that the consultancy will need to recognise the heritage of Pool – a former mining town.

The branding of the yet-to-be-developed site will be ready for April. The new identity of the site, which aims to attract 200 000 visitors a year, will be rolled out across signage, stationery and a website.

According to Davies, Gendall is trying to expand its digital offer and has recently appointed Sam Winters as project manager. ‘It’s to help with the convergence of our digital print and branding work,’ he says.

Responding to news that the the Design Business Association’s latest survey of salaries and charge-out rates (DW 8 January) indicates that design fees in the South West are rising faster than elsewhere in the UK, with salaries up 9 per cent and charge-out fees up 16 per cent, Gendall says her group’s salaries and charge-out fees have gone up, but counters, ‘They probably won’t go up this year; we have to be careful.’

She adds, ‘I don’t know if it’s happening all over Cornwall, but it’s important for us to keep up and be seen as professional.’

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