Hat-Trick creates Norwich art school identity

Hat-Trick Design has created a new identity for Norwich University College of the Arts.

Prompted by a name change in January last year – from Norwich School of Art and Design to Norwich University College of the Arts – the university invited Hat-Trick and two other groups to a credentials pitch last July.

Jim Sutherland, creative director at Hat-Trick Design, is one of four designers at the consultancy who studied at the institution.

He led a team to create an identity (pictured) that will be rolled out across signage, environmental graphics, literature, prospectuses and promotional items, starting this week.

The institution, which opened in 1845, now offers courses in games design, animation and an MA in digital arts and motion graphics, as well as graphics and illustration courses.

Under the reworked identity, the ‘N’ of Norwich appears prominently across all touchpoints and is blended into the new logo.

‘We’ve used the “N” like a spark,’ explains Sutherland. ‘In some cases, it’s turned on its side and used to connect words.’

Addressing signage has been one of the most important parts of the project, says Sutherland.

‘The university comprises five buildings in close proximity,’ he explains. ‘Some are old heritage buildings and others are newer. It’s a modern university in the heart of a medieval city, and we need to flag that up.’

Hat-Trick is now working on a website for the university, to be launched in February alongside undergraduate and postgraduate prospectuses.

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