Turquoise focuses on Middle East under new MD

Motion branding consultancy Turquoise, which has a number of clients in Dubai, says it will continue to look to the Middle East for expansion this year, despite gloomy economic forecasts.

Motion branding consultancy Turquoise says it will continue to expand in the Middle East this year, despite gloomy economic forecasts.

Newly appointed group managing director Keith Wells, formerly a partner at Dragon Brands for 15 years, has signalled intentions to develop the consultancy’s Middle East capabilities and focus on its key clients in the region. The consultancy already has a Dubai office, as well as London.

‘People are saying that the Dubai bubble has burst, but other areas in the region are thriving. [As newly appointed group managing director] my remit is to look at the development of our capabilities, our range of services and how to make much more of what we’ve got,’ Wells says.

‘We have major growth ambition and my role is to ensure that we can properly sustain that growth through our client network and the places that we are in,’ he adds.

Wells says he expects to be able to plot out the next two to three years with key clients including Middle East telecoms company Du, oil firm Enoc and Saudi investment group Sagia.

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